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Long T-shirt Wearable Amulet™️ Fudo Myoo [February Remaining Fortune Sold Out Thank You]

Long T-shirt Wearable Amulet™️ Fudo Myoo [February Remaining Fortune Sold Out Thank You]

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I had 8 cancellations.

This is the last remaining blessing.

T-shirts are sold out in a few days every time, so if you want one, please hurry.


I am Tadashi Yagyu, a professional psychic.

This time, in response to a request from the spirit world, I made a T-shirt that protects the body and soul from spiritual disorders.

A wearable amulet™️ protects you from spirits and bad energies just by wearing it.

It is especially effective when you are completely defenseless.

Fudo Myoo will protect you when you sleep or when you are relaxing at home.

It is especially recommended for those who are sensitive to psychic mediums and energies, and those who dislike crowds and crowded trains.

[Item description]

・Material: 100% cotton

・Thickness: 5.60z

・Color: White

・Expiration date: None

・Fudo Myoo is basically prohibited from washing with water, but we made it possible to wash it.

* Turn the T-shirt inside out and put it in the net to wash gently.

- Made of 100% cotton with good moisture absorption and breathability, so it can be used all year round.

- The double stitching on the collar makes it difficult to see through, and the collar is just the right thickness.

・Since it is sewn in a round body, the seams do not touch the skin of the armpits and flanks, so it is comfortable and can be used as nightwear or relaxing wear.

Reference example Female: Height 150m Weight 45kg

Size: XS

Reference example Female: Height 160cm Weight 55kg

Size: S

Wearing example Male: Height 167cm Weight 62kg

Size: M (Worn by Tadashi Yagyu in the photo)

[About shipping]

・I send it by Yamato courier service.

・Free shipping for purchases over 10,000 yen

・For orders under 10,000 yen, a shipping fee of 800 yen will be charged (uniform nationwide).


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