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Amazing self exorcism signed book [with benefits]

Amazing self exorcism signed book [with benefits]

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Three exclusive benefits available only at the official shop:

  1. A personally signed book by Tadashi Yagyu.
  2. A charm for good fortune added to the book.
  3. Purchase all three books together and receive a gold divine bill with a personally signed charm for good fortune to increase wealth.

Whether it's problems with relationships, money, love, or work, you can solve them all by purifying your own negative energy.

If you've been experiencing a lot of setbacks lately, feeling physically unwell, unable to get married, or struggling to save money, it might be because of evil spirits or a poverty god. 

Even if you haven't done anything wrong, you can still be affected by negative energy from others as long as you're alive.

 It doesn't matter where you are, whether it's online, on your smartphone, or on your computer, negative energy can affect you from anywhere.

You might be wondering how to protect yourself from negative energy even if you haven't made anyone angry.

 Don't worry, I can teach you an easy way to purify negative energy.

If you're worried about money, it's possible that the poverty god is nearby. 

The poverty god loves people who are unkempt, wear old clothes and shoes, and generally look shabby.

If you're feeling like you're unable to save money or struggling with household expenses, it could be because the poverty god has already attached himself to you.

 I will also teach you some habits to drive away the poverty god and boost your luck.

Once you've purified negative energy and driven away the poverty god, it's time to prepare for your true desires to come true.

 The "Universe Bank" has everything you need, whether it's love, money, or prosperity. 

There's no desire that can't be fulfilled! 

Master the art of "ordering" your desires, increase your energy, and achieve a strong and healthy body that won't attract negativity.

 Let's transform your life into a richer one than anyone else's!

This book is written in Japanese.

  • ISBN code : 9784046051394
  • size : 46 stamps Total number of pages: 232 pages
  • Product dimensions (horizontal/vertical/bundle width): 128×188×14.0mm
  • *The total number of pages and product dimensions may differ from the actual product.
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