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Amazing self-exorcism Signed book Good luck [with benefits] Set of 3 books as a gift of gold

Amazing self-exorcism Signed book Good luck [with benefits] Set of 3 books as a gift of gold

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Three [limited privilege] only for official shop

  • Autographed by Mr. Tadashi Yagyu
  • good luck
  • If you buy 3 books at once, you will receive a gold note (amulet to improve your fortune with money, autographed)

Relationships, money, romance, work... If you can get rid of those worries yourself, everything will be fine.

Recently things are not going well, my physical condition is not improving, I can't get married, I can't save money at all...
Maybe it's because of ikiryō or binbōgami!
Even if you haven't done anything wrong, as long as you're alive, you can receive spirits from people.
What's more, it doesn't matter the distance, it can fly from anywhere as long as it's connected to the internet, smartphone, computer, etc!

"I didn't buy a grudge, so how can I prevent it?"

Don't worry, I'll show you an easy way to exorcise that nasty thing yourself.

People who are worried about money may have Binbogami nearby.
Binbogami loves people who don't keep their clothes clean, and people whose clothes and shoes are in tatters.

"Lately, I don't have enough money."
"Family spending is hard on the family budget..."

Such a person may already be possessed by the god of poverty.
I will secretly teach you the habit of getting rid of Binbogami and improving your luck.

After exorcising ikiryō and binbōgami, prepare to grant your true wish.
"Space Bank" has love, money, and abundance. There is no wish that cannot be fulfilled!
Master how to make wishes come true and increase your energy
Get a strong body that keeps bad things at bay and change your life to a richer life than anyone else!

  • ISBN code : 9784046051394
  • size : 46 stamps Total number of pages: 232 pages
  • Product dimensions (horizontal/vertical/bundle width): 128×188×14.0mm
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