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Tanden Gym

Tanden Gym

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The staff will send you "manually" the contact such as zoom link and schedule at the time of enrollment.

We may not be able to respond to applications on holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) or just before, so please apply at least 2 days before the course date.

This course is conducted in Japanese only



Tan-den gym that creates the best energy state in your history

We will teach you a training method that incorporates important essences Tadashi Yagyu practices daily to maintain a strong energy body.

Strengthen the tan-den, which has long been regarded as the center of energy, and aim for a constitution that is not affected by negative energy.


I'm Tadashi Yagyu.

The Tan-den training that I started 8 years ago has been taken by over 3,000 people thanks to everyone's support.

This training is more effective when done daily, but I have heard voices saying "It's hard to continue alone" and "I want to participate more easily and frequently."

So, we have now started the "Tan-den gym" as an online training program that offers unlimited attendance (up to 8 times per month).

The Tan-den has been considered important as the "center of the body" and the "source of energy" since ancient times.

In Chinese medicine, the word "Tan-den" originally meant "fields where 'dan-yaku' (medicine for immortality) is cultivated." This tells us that the Tan-den is an essential part of our existence that we cannot ignore.

The human body is a collection of energy. When the body is filled with good energy, each organ can function properly and maintain good health, leading to a healthy life.

By training the "tan-den" that produces good energy, you can create a constitution that is not affected by bad energy, remove various symptoms, and create yourself who can demonstrate the maximum performance.

We are constantly affected by the energy we receive from people and places around us.

This training is recommended for:

those who are experiencing strong stress, feeling tired, lacking motivation, not going well for some reason, having difficulty with human relationships, or finding crowds difficult, as well as those who want to demonstrate their maximum performance in fields such as work, martial arts, sports, and art.

I opened this "Tan-den gym" with the hope that everyone will be able to obtain a strong tan-den, produce a lot of good energy, and enjoy healthy and fulfilling happy daily life.

I hope you can start this as a daily habit on this occasion.

The creation of a constitution that produces strong energy is the main characteristic of the "Tan-den Gym"

Grab the power to control your life as you wish.

For me, the most important thing in life is to have a healthy body.

I have always had a constitution that is easily influenced by energy, feeling unwell even in the summer with chills.

Therefore, I have learned qigong and various trainings to create a self that is not affected by bad energy.

When I created Epsom salt, I had a commitment to improve the constitution by using it in the long term, and to make it a thing that can support a healthy body, rather than just a temporary improvement.

The same applies to the "Tan-den Gym". It is not just about being aware of the Tan-den and strengthening the body's axis, but it is a training to create a body that can produce strong energy anytime by training the Tan-den. We were committed to this.

In other words, "Tan-den Gym" is a place where you can learn a wonderful energy control method that goes one step beyond what many training gyms aim for.

The power to "create strong energy on your own" will greatly change your life from now on.

The reason why I am so particular about energy is that humans are energy beings, and the state of energy directly affects the quality of life.

If your energy is not healthy, your body and life will not be healthy either.


If you have good energy circulation:

your foundation will become stronger.

Your mind will be calm and stable.

your breathing will become deeper (and your autonomic nervous system will function properly, promoting the health of your internal organs and joints)

your lower body will become stable (with a strong lower half and a light upper half)

you will be able to use your deep muscles effectively (without using superficial muscles unnecessarily and easily demonstrating your potential).


I believe that "Tan-den Gym" is about building a physique that allows you to control your life more easily.

Tanden training is like sports. You will gradually improve with practice.


Some people may feel anxious at first, wondering if they are doing it right, but they will get used to it and figure out the key points as they go along.

At first, it's okay to think "it's okay as long as my body gets warm."

If you join with the camera on, we will check and advise you to maximize the effectiveness of the training.



It is said that we repeat our thoughts up to 60,000 times a day.

We are in a state of being dominated by thoughts that come to mind once per second. Moreover, it is said that 80% of these thoughts are negative.

In the book "Efficient resting method:The world's elites relax the brain inthis way" by Ryo Kugatani, a doctor who practices in the United States, he refers to this incessant thinking as the "monkey mind" and explains that it is like having a noisy monkey constantly running around inside your head.

With the monkey mind occupying our minds all day long, we don't have time to focus on truly important things.

In addition, much of our brain's energy consumption is due to the monkey mind, leaving us exhausted at the end of the day. If we repeat this cycle day after day for decades, it's only natural that our brain function will eventually suffer.

In this program, we will teach you how to silence the monkey mind and regain peace and sound judgment in your head through training in the lower abdomen area.

When you first experience the training, you may feel like time passes slowly due to being unaccustomed to such quietness. However, after a few sessions, two hours will pass in the blink of an eye.

Once you are able to perform the training correctly, your body will warm up and your mood will improve, making it an effective strategy for insomnia.

In addition, you will feel a great sense of clarity, as if all the clutter in your mind has disappeared, allowing you to think about important things in a clear state of mind.

If you continue the training for several weeks, months, or even years, you will be surprised at how effective it is.

What is done at the Tan-den Gym?

Improving the "flow" of energy to make wishes come true.

We do exercises for about 2 hours. Even those who are physically weak or not good at exercise can participate.

For first-timers, the movements may feel unfamiliar at first, but by the end of the exercise, they will be able to do them normally.

The exercise consists of a "still" and a "moving" part, and by combining these two, we can maximize the effectiveness.

Voice of participants


My posture changed dramatically and I felt more dignified

My posture has changed dramatically since I started taking Tanden training.

I took regular classes to the extent that I could afford them, but before I knew it, my posture had changed from stooped back to good posture.

I felt like I could be proud when my posture improved. thank you very much.

(Ms. YK, female 30s)

Relaxing adult extracurricular class

What is tanden training? I was curious and tried it.

After taking it a few times, I became more relaxed, and now I make sure to take this workshop once a week.

I think it's a relaxing extracurricular class for adults.

(RA, female 30s)

Feeling depressed was improved

I have been receiving Tanden training for about a year now.

In the past, I used to feel depressed and miserable, but gradually I no longer worry about my physical condition, and my mood continues to improve.

It's easy and doesn't take long. Best of all, I can do it myself.

(Ms. YA, female in her 50s)

Every time I notice, my mind and body are changing

I relax with exercises that train the tanden and breathing meditation.

Every time there is a change and notice of mind and body. This was something that I would not know until I continued.

It used to be held twice a month, but I am very happy that I will be able to take regular classes from this spring.

(Ms. AM, female 40s)

If you continue, it will continue to be refreshing

Sometimes I received Tanden training.

When I stopped doing it because I was busy, I felt unrefreshed.

Knowing that the subscription will start this spring, I decided to restart.

Since I don't have much time, I started subscribing, and surprisingly, it keeps me refreshed.

Continuity is power, isn't it? I will keep trying my best.

(Ms. YY, female 50s)

The review course deepened my understanding, and my body is light and the best

The instructor always says, "It's important to practice and make it a habit and make use of it in your daily life."

The review course started the other day, and the daily course is training The review course is now able to reconfirm the work and mindset.

Then the synergistic effect makes it easier to understand.

(Ms. KY, female 40s)


Twice a week the ultimate training


Special care that thoroughly adjusts your entire body from head to toe, by circulating energy 


The Tan-den Gym offers a special training that lasts for about 2 hours, where you can thoroughly adjust yourself.

By continuing to attend, energy will start to flow from your body, changing the impression you give to others, as well as your own sense of purpose and value.

Those who were previously undervalued or neglected will be respected.

People who used to be timid or small will become more confident.

Your physical condition will improve, and your autonomic nervous system will also become balanced.

It's strange, but some people even experience better luck and fortune, including winning lotteries.


[Outline of Tan-den Gym]




Every Thursday 20:00-22:30 (Japan Time)

Every Sunday 10:00-12:30  (Japan Time)


Held 6-8 times a month





Students will be notified of the zoom link by email. 

*If you do not receive an email within a few days, please contact us using the inquiry form .

<What you need to participate>


Zoom, water, blanket, space to spread both hands and not hit

<Participation fee>


Monthly membership fee: ¥11,000 yen

Continuing member Monthly fee: ¥10,000 yen

Continuing membership is a payment method that automatically debits every month once you apply.

You don't need to apply every month, and the membership fee will be ¥ 1,000 yen per month.

(A minimum of 3 months is required)




Registration for the current month is due by the 20th.

Applications from the 21st to the 31st will be for the next month and will start the next month.

Example: Payment completed between July 1st and 20th → Tuition fee for July, unlimited lessons during July

Example: Payment is completed between July 21st and 31st → The course fee for August will be charged, and you can take unlimited lessons during August.

If you apply for automatic renewal, the next renewal date will be the 25th of each month. (If you join between the 21st and 24th, it will be on the 25th of the next month.)

*There is no daily rate.

*The explanation about Tan-den training does not guarantee the effect.


[Be sure to check before applying]

★E-mail address★

Important information such as zoom participation URL and password

I will do it by email.


Please cooperate in registering by avoiding mobile phone email addresses that are difficult to reach  .


Even with other email addresses, if you do not receive an "order confirmation email" "immediately" after applying, there is a high possibility that you will not receive an email from us after that.


Please check your spam folder or promotions folder, as it may just end up in your spam folder.


If you do not receive

Inquiry form Please contact us from




★ About zoom link notification timing ★

After the application is confirmed, we will send it "manually".

We will notify you by email after the 25th of every month.

Basically, the staff will send it during our business hours (10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays), so if you apply just before the start of the course, you may not be able to make it in time for the start time, so please apply with 2 days to spare. please give me.



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